16. D.O.P. Cebreros

D.O.P. Cebreros is situated in the centre of Spain, in the south of the province of Avila, making border with the provinces of Madrid and Toledo. It is situated in the middle of the Sistema Ibérico Central between the Alberche River Valley and the Tietar Valley River. This is the foothills of the Sierra de GREDOS, pulling away both valley rivers, and giving different microclimates. The valley of the Alberche river is more continental with atlantic influence, and the Tietar river valley is more mediteranean climate. Both climates give caracteristics to the grapes that are grown there, as well as the soils and the altitude where the vines are grown.
The grape varieties GarnachaTinta (85%) and Albillo Real (15%) are planted, as shown, throughout most of the vineyards. The vineyards are very old, with a media between 70 and 80 years old. These vineyards are grown on granitic sand and schist soils that are very poor. The altitude of the vineyards go from 700 mettres (2300 feet) of the Tietar valley, up to over 1000 mettres high (3280 feet).
There are only two main grape varieties authorized, Garnacha Tinta and Albillo Real, and with these grape varieties white, rose and red wines are made. The red and rose wines must be made at least with 95% of Garnacha tinta (the rest filled up with field blend), and the white wines must be single varietal of Albillo Real.
All these circumstances, old vineyards, high altitude, and the type of soils we have give our wine a unique personality.
The wines made from Garnacha Tinta are fresh, with great acidity, with great finnese, elegant, balanced and age worth. This is together with its alcoholic degree and its high acidity make these wines very good for aging.
The white wines made with Albillo Real have a good acidity and concentration so they can age very well in barrels or bottles. These wines are very complex.

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