62. Winnica Wieliczka

After years of learning of viticulture and winemaking on both hemispheres we decided to create a vineyard in Poland. As crazy as it sounds we’ve found a perfect spot with great microclimate where we can make our wines as we like them. With no appellation binds. We created certified organic farm cultivated in biodynamic way. An orchard with only old varieties of the fruit trees, and the only vineyard in the country with no hybrids. Our plants of Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot gris, Pinot noir and Merlot (probably the most northern Merlot in the world, we are almost exactly at 50th parallel ) were mostly multiplied by ourselves from the “sticks” we brought from other organic vineyards run by our friends all across the Europe. We like their wines, we know their vineyards, we chose the most resistant plants. It was a wonderful opportunity of creating vineyard with many clones of the same varieties and keep the biodiversity as high as possible. In 2020 we decided to use no copper in our vineyard and orchard. So far it works. 🙂 We produce our wines and ciders using only wild yeasts and without any sugar/acidity corrections. ( We have an obsession on the optimal ripeness) We don’t use any finig agets. We produce sparkling and still wines, white, rosé and red as well as amber wines.

WEBSITE: www.winnicawieliczka.com
FACEBOOK: Winnicawieliczka


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